Do You Avoid Gluten?

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My daughter did a cleansing fast then kept record of what she ate to find what foods she was allergic to.  She had developed adult onset acne and decided antibiotics the rest of her life was not the answer.

She found she was allergic to breads and foods containing gluten.  When she became gluten free and ate correctly her acne disappeared, her weight went to a level of lean she had never known and she felt 100%.

Her diet to this day contains lots of fresh veggies, fruits, fish and lean meats and she buys gluten free.

She also found she was allergic to cows milk which by the way many humans are.

I followed her example I practiced what I preached to her.

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We don’t have a choice! My daughter is allergic so we have no choice but to eat gluten free. She was diagnosed only a month ago so everything’s still pretty new to us. Thankfully a friend of ours told us to look up Gluten Free Palace (click here to know more) for gluten free products. Good thing about it is you can buy these products online so it saves a lot of time and money. They offer quite a variety as well so it’s win-win.

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