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What kind of avocado tree do I have?

How to tell the difference between avocado trees. I have a large avocado tree and don't know what kind it is. How can I tell. It produces large green fruit that is very tasty. The neighbor pruned it last year and through it into shock, but it has recovered. Breaking braches from wind are a problem also. It's probably too close to the house, but too old to move. At least twenty years.

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What health benefits will I get from eating avocados?

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What is the best way to keep avocados from over ripening?

Put them in the fridge as soon as they're ripe. Eat them right away when they are ripe. Don't buy more than you need.

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It takes time to see the good result... Just keep on eye on it and do necessary care. Landscape Houston

Make a mango tree fruitless

First of all i would like to know why do you want to make it fruitless ? I have the best option for this is just contact shire tree surgeons Glasgow which can help you by it's Tree surgery service.