Is Avatar one of your top 5 feature films?

Big Avatar news coming... Is Avatar one of you top 5 movies? Which is your all-times most favorite movie?   Is Avatar one of your top 5 feature films?Fox

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Yes, avatar is the one of fav. movie for me.

I never saw it but my friends that did tell me it was a loser.  Find a better movie to watch.

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Not even close.. Though the special effects were good and the actors capable, it was the same old shoot'em up cowboy/indian scenario where the bad old white man tries to stomp the peaceful Indians under foot.. My favorites were the lord of the rings trilogy, starwars and I hope to add the hobbit to this list.

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I welked into the theater expecting a great movie, along the lines of The Alamo, with some actual heroism and realistic tactics. 

Instead, it was dull, extremely political, and in the fighting scenes, one was scared and the other glad of it.

I was not impressed with the writing, plot, characters, or animation.  I walked out about a half hour into the movie, and went looking for a triple-shot espresso in an attempt to wake up.

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Not top5 but top10.

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It was ok , better than some of the recent comroms Hollywood spits out . The difference between liberals and teabaggers when it comes to watching films is that liberals go see a movie to escape for a while while teabagers go see movies in search of victimhood .

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