Discuss Bill Compton's answer to: Is Avatar one of your top 5 feature films?

Big Avatar news coming... Is Avatar one of you top 5 movies? Which is your all-times most favorite movie?

I found "Avatar" imminently forgettable: the conflict was mediocre as was the writing, the special effects left much to be desired except for the bling factor (hardly worth watching) and basically, it was a major disappointment. 

What happened to movies that reach right out and grab the viewer by the lips and will not let him go until the final blow is struck?  Star Wars was the last of the real movies (six feature length films, ten spinoffs, and 125 books) but it had genuine sagacity and intense conflict where "Avatar" was so drab that I believe that they "erred on the side of caution."

Such bland thought is definitely leftist hence hardly interesting.

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