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Avandia Litigation Settlements

"Class Action" settlements -Avandia -What is the average payout for a person that experienced a triple by pass heart surgery, stroke,etc? weight retention

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It depends on which firm is representing you in your litigation against the makers of Avandia and the terms that are finalized through settlement negotiations.

My experience: Our firm is representing over 2000 clients against the makers of Avandia, and we are very close to SETTLING with GlaxoSmithKline - I guess you could say that we can FINALLY see a light at the end of the tunnel!

A class action lawsuit means that everyone involved gets the same thing no matter what. Our Avandia litigation is a 'mass tort.' Settlements are going to be unique for every case, every claim, depending on severity of injuries. Cardiac Deaths will receive the most (somewhere around $80k). Stroke, Heart Attack, Stents, Congestive Heart Failure, etc., again, are all going to be unique in their settlements, but expect anywhere from $40k-$70k.

I HATE ballparking numbers! Clients call me asking for this information all day long and I won't give ANY numbers! So you're lucky we're online Tongue out

For more information visit: Avandia Lawsuit Settlments & Avandia Claims

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