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Www.dollarsforme.com Does this company give legitimate loans for purchase of used car?


Does this company give legitimate loans for purchase of used car?

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You should consider using a well known loan provider. Typically that would be from a Bank but you should also consider a peer to peer lender like the Lending Club. With peer to peer lending you basically borrow the money from other people, without the need for a traditional financial institution like a bank. All of the loans have a duration of 3 years which will minimize the interest you pay. I used Lending Club for my last car loan and I received an interest rate just under 7%. If you have good credit you will have no problem getting a loan. If your credit is low you can still qualify for a loan but you'll have a higher interest rate. For more information go to : lendingclub.com

Well as far as I know, at least according to used cars in Wooster, they are able to if the government doesn't tax the dealership over a certain amount. http://www.parkmazda.com

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