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2001 Honda Odyssey - take it in to WPB, Florida ...

2001 Honda Odyssey - take it in to WPB, Florida dealership for easily-diagnosable power steering fluid leak that just started. Not only do they want to charge $300 to "reseal" the power steering pump and change a few $1.00 O-rings, but they add a 2nd quote of almost $1200 to "reseal" the oil pan & front cover of oil pump -- telling me I have a supposed leaking seal within it. No oil had ever been seen to leak out of this van, no warning lites on, no drop in oil pressure or volume. But they say it appeared to be leaking when put up on the rack. Most of the $1200 quoted on this separate repair was for labor at over $100/hr for tech's time. Scammed? How can I prove it was grossly overcharged, if not also unindicated (which I believe it was in fact NOT indicated.)

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I know that most dealers require you to sign a work order form when you take the car in for repairs, but to automatically do the work without consulting you first is unethical when this kind of money is involved and especially contact you first since you are considering costly repairs on a 9 year old vehicle. I would consider their conduct as little more than a scam. If they are this kind of dealer I would remember it in the future when needing repairs. As for this trip, I would speak to the service manager and if not able to get the price negotiated down considerably, get the general manager involved. If not able to get any satisfaction, report them to the better business bureau, and tell your friends about them as well - ALL your friends.

Not a Jennyus.

I am the parts manager at Brickell Honda here in Miami, please feel free to contact me directly at 305.777.2830

I am sure I can save you money and time..


Parts "R" Parts

WOW!!!! What a scam!!!!  Here is what I would do.  Write the entire story in writing and file a complaint to the BBB in your service area. To find out which BBB you need to send the complaint to, just go to BBB.ORG and type in your zip code. So file a complaint with the BBB.  Then it gets better!!!  Make copies of the letter and send it to your 3 local TV stations AND your local newspaper.  Let me say, if its a slow news day...someone will pick up your story.  Right before you mail the story out to all those sources, make a call to the dealership and tell them, if you dont resolve this issue, I will file a complaint to the BBB, and mail a copy of the colmplaint to all 3 TV stations and the newspapers! WOW!!!!!  You should get some great results FAST.  You gotta wonder how many other people they are ripping off like you.  So, good luck and have fun with the media. They eat this stuff up on a daily basis.  I know, because I used to be in the media.  Every market has a TV station, where they have a scam dept called:   8 On your Side, or 2 Wants to Know.  They love hearing from people like you, especially if its a major car dealer.  If its a big enough scam.thats where Dateline and 20/20 or 60 minutes gets involved.  Thats when it become HUGE!!!!! So remember, Get everything in writing or it never happened!!!


Scott in NC

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