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2002 Nissan, Altima, 3.5 with 146,000 ks blows ...

2002 Nissan, Altima, 3.5 with 146,000 ks blows blue exhaust for a short while after startup, also uses about a litre of oil between changes. Thoughts and reccomendations please and thankyou. Milt

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If it only blows blue smoke for a short while after it sits for awhile it is likely valve stem seals. They are easily replaced and should solve your problem. If it were your rings that was causing the smoke, it would do it all the time and be worse when the engine is turning higher RPM's. You don't need to add anything to your oil. Slick 50 is called that because the makers are pretty "slick" to con you to pay $18 for a can of oil.

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Sounds like your piston rings leaking a bit, but not serious yet. Next oil change, add in a litre of 'Slick 50' instead of a litre oil.  Wink

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