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2002 chevrolet avalanche 5.3 2wd gear shift indicator does not point to the correct gear and will not indicate park when vehicle is in park thus not allowing it to start, what part has failed

 you might need a linkage or a linkage adjustment.

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This pickup truck crossover SUV / is based on the Chevrolet Suburban and the innovative use of General Motors& Midgate.  Avalanche has four full-size side doors and an open cargo bed separated by Midgate. rear seat folded down and remove Midgate lowers the barrier between the cab and the bed, the conversion of the cargo box of 5.3 m to 8.1 m off the rear window and on-board shops, bed sidewalls have storage compartments, and the locking tailgate. The standard configuration is six. Front bucket seats are available. Leather upholstery, heated front seats and a sunroof as an option.

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