How To Move To Australia From New Zealand?

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I am a New Zealand resident. Do I need a visa to enter and live

You only have a visa if u have a criminal record i think but if ur a citizen of new zeland and u have not commited any crimes then u should be allowed in without a visa.....

Faq stands for?

That's funny, I thought Faq was another name for a cigarette.

New Zealand hot spots

He should go to the top of Mt Eden and view the volcanic cone plus get a good view over Auckland. Go down to the waterfront, take the ferry over to Devonport, maybe head out further to Rangitoto. Go to the Auckland Museum for some culture and great exhibits. Take a drive out to the wild West ...

British or Kiwi (New Zealander)???

In terms of cost of living, I think New Zealand is much cheaper and job opportunities are also easy compare to Britain especially if you're on a medical field.