Ausgescheiseschnitt?? What does it mean?

What does "ausgescheiseschnitt" mean?  It sounds vaguely like I spelled it, because I speak and know some German words.  I heard someone say it today and I was really curious since I did not recognize it.

 Please help.  Thanks.

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It's not a valid german word. "Schnitt" means cut, perhaps relating to a haircut or the work of a carpenter who cut some wood into shape. "Scheisse" means shit. The rest doesn't make much sense, but it's likely that the overall term is referring to something in a negative way.

Someone else I contacted on another site said:

The first thing I thought of when I saw your word was "shitted out-cut" (pardon my French), which doesn't make sense. But after looking at it a second time, I'll bet you mean "ausgezeichnet", which means "excellent" as in "his analysis skills are excellent" or "awarded" as in "she was awarded this year's prize."

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