What is your attitude towards this digits on wholesale solar panel?

Here is the latest statistics on wholesale solar panel

with a 49% saturation limit what will become of the other 51%'s electric bill? wow man......scared like a fear?How is your attitude?

What is your attitude towards this digits on wholesale solar panel?

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Hi All, I've recently had a few quotes to put from wholesale solar panel on my roof in Melbourne's east.The 3 companies I talked each spoke about 'tiers' - Tier 1 being the most expensive down to ...

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For those who have solar panels installed at home, do you think it is worth it? How long did the money you save on electricity bill cover the cost of installing the panels?

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I know that we have solar panels on the roof not only for saving but also for helping the environment. But, if to save money on electric bills is the only reason, do you think it's worth it to install ...

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Adding solar panels to your home with the idea of selling power back to the light company is the least cost effective use of solar power ever proposed by man. If you lined the whole roof with solar panels you could not generate enough power to run your home refrigerator or for that matter even ...

Is California sunny enough for solar panels?

Yes, unless your house is surrounded by trees that shade your place all day, or, you live on the coast where most of the day is foggy/cloudy

How is your opinion on MSC emphasizing on heat appliances as 500 watt

Only only heat pump system but also 500 watt solar panels,both of them are turning into emphasis on heat appliance.There is no doubt that heat appliance as well as heat system are market-oriented right now.Since people's living level raised up.

How Long Before Solar Panels Pay For Themselves?

Here in the u.s. we get a 30% tax credit and sometimes your utilty provider will also give you a cash rebate. Our systme will pay for itself withn7-8 yrs. If your in cal go to www.solarenergycali.com they are the best!