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Attaching railing to rubber roof

We wouid like to attach a wooden or vinyl railing to a flat rubber roof for a finished look. We've been advised not to use nails.  Please tell us the best method for doing this.

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Hi Charlene the best way would be to lag bolt galvinized or stainless steel standoff brackets to the roof deck for every post then you need to install a pitch box's around each bracket. Next step is to flash the roof and pitch box with epdm rubber folding the epdm into the pitchbox then the pitch box gets filled with epoxy or asphalt based sealant usually sold in 1 gallon cans specificly for filling pitch boxes. Now you can bolt your post to the standoff brackets and you will have a very solid and safe railing. (railings should be 42" high and no more then 4" between uprights in most areas)

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There is a galvanized cup shaped bracket that can be secured to the roof for the posts. To secure it use either lag bolts or screws then before installing the post coat the bolt or screw head with silicone caulk to prevent water from getting around the fastner.

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The 2 answers you already have just about cover your options. Attach post as already described to you. Next use pitch boxes OR flash with uncured epdm.

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