Why do atheists keep slaves in their gulags?

Is it because God is OK with it?

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President Lincoln did two things that went against the grain of the christian bible. He ended slavory and polygamy.

Why do you keep rocks in your head?

The Soviets had a class of people called "proletariatia" whom they regarded as slaves.  These were persons who had civilized manners, were kind, or anything else the atheist government considered "weak."

We have seen that atheists really are uneducated barbarians.  After all, who else would buy such ridiculous hoaxes as evolution?  Rational persons know immediately that atheists are the nastiest and most ignorant of all degrading bigots, but does that make this 1% screaming bunch imortant?

Rave on, Physicalist.  We know that you are a deranged malcontent fool.  Otherwise why would you worship an ignorant fool like Dawkins? 

Pardon the chuckle, Physicalist, but you will eventually learn your place.  It is in the toilet with the rest of the truly disagreeable things.Laughing

A clown with 100 screen names that all say the same thing and who talks to himself on a regular basis because no one else will, shouldn't call anyone deranged.

Why would you think that you could post the exact same crap under all those different names and no one would know it's you? EVERYONE knows it's you, EVERY TIME you post!!!

Seems all the bottom feeders round these parts are all small-brained, narrow-minded, so-called Christians.


I'm astonished at the depths they sink to, in attempt to prove their faith is above others. They only go to prove what ignorant, arrogant bigots they really are... ( say faith, but I use the term loosely for, contrived malevolence and hatred).

I say, 'they' but most seem to be the product of one sad, individual, posting under multiple identities, including that of 'anonymous'.

Stalin was a pro life christian.


Once the public caught wind of all the consintration camps that were all set up during 911 they were all soon dismanteld. What was that all about? When ever that Bush admin is ever brought up one is accused of going back to the past.


Bush took womens rights away to abortion, he was a pro life christian like Stalin.



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