Anything that our beloved atheists believe has a profit motive: they are that greedy.  If there is the invalid promise of easy money, they will follow blindly and make up any lie that they can to cash in.

How many times must we see the shortsighted greed of atheists and their ruthless betrayals of the American people?  If any ruthless band behaved as did tawdry and reckless pirates of the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, then it is our modern day gang of liars and profiteers, lazy atheists.

I changed my buddy icon because Physicalist pirated my screen name. Atheists have a way of being obnoxious, but that is because they lack a case. My new buddy icon is the planet Uranus. It will stay so until Physicalist learns his place -- under the front porch.
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Leftists have all the altruism and generosity of the Pang Sing: the Chinese Mafia that ran China under the Gang of Four.  Their insane materialism made the Pang Sing the most hated criminal profiteering organization and mercenary army in Asia. 


The Gang of Four were truly greedy communists and had all the wealth of China at their disposal.  They abused it for their personal pleasure.  This criminal enterprise did not end until the opening of China in 1978.


Let us also consider the Soviet Black Market.  That made Comrade Brezhnev a billionaire many times over allowing him to use sheer bribery to get anything he wanted in the Politburo.  The record of ruthless leftist greed is quite complete.  In fact it is the real reason leftists sell out to this greedy and corrupt criminal enterprise.


In some of the most bizarre cases, some atheists actually think that if they can "get the other one's goat" that is power.  How amusing that they have always failed.  Rather humiliating for them to be exposed so widely is it not?


Leftists have always made the most ludicrous of utterly devious defaults, but that is why we must always say that leftists are never right.  How predictable was it that communists would be absolutely corrupt manipulators who would sell out anyone for money.  That is their track record.  Nothing can change that now.

Lady Aban Ceaulosevic Thinks this answer is Helpful:

The Gang of Four were the worst criminal profiteers in the world.  Because they were ruthless communists, they amassed billions in stolen loot, ran prostitution all throughout China, ran huge illegal drug trafficking operations, had their mercenary forces kill village after village off just to get their valuables, and then buried all the victims, many times alive.  That is the brutality of leftists.  They are all the same.


Pang Sing was only one of their criminal operations.  There were hundreds more, all the product of communist and atheist greed.


The reason Andrewcranky-Physicalist defends these atheist atrocities is that he is psychotic.  He wants us to hate him, but that sort of raving lunatic always identifies himself as a leftist liberal.  He gets my pity because fools deserve to be pitied.  All atheists are fools.  They prove it daily.


What they side with, they must eventually do.  History proved this time and time again.

Lady Aban Ceaulosevic Thinks this answer is Helpful:


This is one of the guard towers that overlooked the Berlin Wall.  Atrocity under the Iron Curtain was too horrible to believe, but believe it, I was guest in one of their holiday resorts, the Gulag.  It was in the Caucuses.  It was a state run brothel. 


I was tied into the room with a cable crimped around my ankle, the room was three meters by three meters, there was no heat and I had no clothing.  There was just a thin blanket on the bed but it was filthy when I got it and it only got dirtier with time and all those men.


This is how leftists always treat people.  This is because they are atheists.

John McCann Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Are you two insane?

Anonymous Comment

The facts are there in photographic certainty and historical records, that all atheists are absolutely mad with hate. 


It comes from their simpleminded atheist delusions and absolute bigotry, which discredits their cult of ignorant and worthless bigots as the most simpleminded old bigots and fools in history.


What is it like to be a worthless old bigot, Physicalist-McAnn?  Everyone is laughing at you and your silly cult of mindless old fools.


Remember: there is no fool like an old fool, and you are the worst of the whole uneducated bunch -- fraud!  Did you think we were going to give you frauds money, gangsters and bigots that all atheist frauds really are?


Think again, worthless atheist criminal.  Do you hear everyone laughing at you because you are stupid?  If not pull the crap out of your ears, bigot.

John McCann Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Yes, you are insane. We are through here again as you morons have nothing to say worth saying.

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