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What can atheists look forward to as they are dropped into hell? Their wretched memories will be their sole companion, always accusing them until utter madness sets in and that without hope or solace ...

As I close out this question, I see that atheists remain as bitter, ignorant, and evil as they always were.  This is why atheists are such boring and bitter old hypocrites.  Is there anything more foolish than an atheist?

"There is no honor among thieves or atheists and you should know this before we rape your children and rob you blind!  You decent people are all fools!  We will make you all just like us and we will rule in hell and you will be our slaves to brutalize!  We have to rule in hell because if we don't rule in hell we'll have to serve in Heaven!  If we get in there we'll only trash the place . . .." Richard Dawkins.

That settles the fact that all atheists are exactly the same and cannot improve because they are all terrified of their evil cult.

Only cowards and fools become atheists.

You get only what you deserve.

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.
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Rocmike give it a break.

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