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Political Activism OK for Mosques, Not Churches


US-Islamic-Center-of-America-mosque-in-Dearborn-MichiganMost churches have a non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service.  One of the provisions of holding a 501c3 non-profit rating is that the church is not allowed to actively take part in political activities or publicly endorse a political candidate.
This has been an issue of contention and debate by many church leaders who contend that the political provision is a violation of the First Amendment rights of free speech and the freedom of religion.  However, in most cases, that have gone to court, the IRS generally wins and the church involved loses its non-profit status.
In reading through the various news reports, two stories caught my eye and caused me to wonder about this issue.
First is the legal battle being waged over a recall of the mayor and 2 city council members in El Paso, Texas.  For background on this case, see El Paso Mayor Fighting Pastor’s Right to Petition for Recall.
This past Friday, the Texas Eighth Court of Appeals declared that the main force behind the recall movement was a church and that churches do not have the right to recall, so the recall election has been halted.  According to Joel Oster, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund,

“The appeals court in Texas has stopped the recall election because one of the supporters of the recall election was supposedly a church, and according to the Texas appeals court, a church cannot be involved in a recall election.

“It absolutely is a violation of free speech and a violation of the right to petition your government for the redress of grievances.  The Supreme Court already spoke on this issue and said that even corporations have free speech rights and that states cannot restrict the speech of even corporate entities.”

Pastor Brown and the others involved are planning on appealing to the Texas Supreme Court.

In the second news article, Muslims have been standing outside their Michigan mosque handing out flyers in Arabic urging Muslims to support Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul in yesterday’s primary.  And do you think anyone took any action against the Muslims for violating their non-profit status?  Of course not!

Incidentally, did you know that in the 2008 election, Barack HUSSEIN Obama carried 80% of the Muslim votes?  With all of his anti-Christian, anti-Jew and pro-Muslim actions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him carry over 90% of the Muslim vote in November.

These two news stories reveal a growing trend in America.  The Obama administration is actively stripping Christians and churches of their constitutional rights, while Muslims can openly defy the law, the IRS and the US Constitution and they will not lift one finger to stop them.  In fact, they appoint judges who are now ruling on Sharia law over state and federal law.

If Obama is re-elected in November, I’m sure it will usher in the United States of Islam.

Poor is an attitude, Broke is a temporary situation.....UNLESS THIS MORON TAKES THE REST OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY. There is no such thing as freedom of choice, babies NEVER choose to die.
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