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Assessing the President

Tell us how you think President Barack Obama has handled the economic crisis so far. What's he done right? And what's he gotten wrong?

Assessing the President Mandel Ngan, AFP / Getty Images

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He hasnt done much of anything right . He is spending way too much , clueless that goverment is too big and thats the problem. The 25 goveners who say they dont want the stimolious monies are to be supported. Consequently those like Arnold who have run their states in to the ground should be noted .   

The Man has done more in 3 weeks than Bush did in 8 years! And created open Press Conferences without staged speeches in front of "safe" audiences. He is projecting strength and confidence at a time when the Country really needs it! The Nay-sayers are disgruntled Bushies..The Economy will be coming back faster than anyone expects..Watch the Stock Market for later this year..Get in on the rush; It's going to be good!

there u dems go again bashing bush for eight years wasn't enough. This mess was started by the blow job king himself slick billy wanted family who could not afford homes to get no money down mortgages. Then Franks and DoDD led the parade of m\Fannie Mac and May . Now we are seeing the this DEmocratic Mess .

All Of The Sudden Republicans Know How To Fix This Mess. "Obama Don't Know What He's Doing". It's There Fault Were In This Mess. Give The Guy a Chance He Can't Do Any Worse Than Bush Did. We'll Only Know if his plan works With Time and that's the only way. I'm With Obama.

We have fogotten the lessons of our grandparents. Instead of cutting back expenses when we are hurting financially, we print more money? Makes NO sense to me. So far, all we have done is reward bad behavior and de-value the dollar even more than it already was. Socialized banking, medicine, housing, what's next? STOP spending money, let the markets correct themselves. This is the change we voted for? Well, I didn't. Half his cabinet filled with Clinton's people?   I am extremely worried about my children's welfare (wait, MY children will not accept WELFARE).

I would give Obama an A for acting quickly and a D for effectiveness--the Dems won the election so they get to make the rules--the stimulus bill by all accounts won't do much for the economy until next year and to make matters worse they loaded it with pork--Really $20 Million to save a mouse in San Francisco, $650 Million for digital converters and contrary to what Chuck Schumer has to say I believe most Americans do care about "these porky little things".  Having said that I'm encouraged by his calliing and economic summit and his plan to reduce our deficit substantially--easier said than done.  At least he sees we have a problem hopefully the solutions arrived at will be more targeted and effective than the so called stimulus bill.  In the meantime, though I don't like many of the President's liberal policies,  I pray for his success--we have so much riding on it.

Obama just engineered the largest spending bill in American history (with the help of the socialist democratic controlled congress).  Now he wants to balance the buget.  What a joke! 

The people of the Socialist Republic of Amerika had better wake up soon.

It's funny how many are under the impression that this is a Bush administration legacy.    It is well known that the clinton era policies of cronyistic CRA programs and freddie and fannie dereg's can be directly linked to our present crisis.    He in effect created the false housing "bubble"  by lowering credit markets'  standards thereby creating this credit crisis.

the parties sure do live up to their steroetypes.   obama is a by the book dem who grows government and its involvement in free markets while feeding his friends with gov't subsidies.   he has a monster chasing him and he is throwing stacks of 100's  at it.   It never stops the monster.   He only tells us how really fast the monster is running and how big and dangerous it is.    Presidents are supposed to inspire confidence and LEAD.   Instead obama seeks sympathy for failure which has not yet occurred but he seems to expect.

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