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Tell us how you think President Barack Obama has handled the economic crisis so far. What's he done right? And what's he gotten wrong?

By Neil Munro - The Daily Caller
President Barack Obama is urging Americans citizens to act like soldiers on a domestic economic battlefield, presumably under his generalship.
Soldiers “work as a team [and] personify the very best that America has to offer,” Obama declared during a Feb. 3 press event at a Virginia firehouse. “That’s true on the battlefront. … It’s also true on the home front,” said Obama, who used the event to highlight new federal job-creation programs for veterans.
Obama’s comparison of civilians to soldiers is a mistake, said David Boaz, the executive vice president of the Cato Institute.
“The military is a team, a football team is a team, a company can work a team… but 310 million people don’t have a single purpose,” he told The Daily Caller.
“We have many different purposes and goals,” he said.
For example, “I want a job and you want to the same job, I want to sell more pizza in Nashville and so do you… that’s competition, and that’s a completely different kind of of society that one with a single purpose,” he said.
Obama used similar military language in his Jan. 24 State of the Union speech.

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copy and paste teabagger social conservatives  with nothing to lose want our economy to fail so they can gain power and advance their social agenda. true americans are coming to together with a common cause in hoping our economy continues to improve.  

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Oh yeah, the very ones who are creating the jobs.....other the HIGH PAID government jobs want our economy to fail....You are FOS


teabaggers politicians are not creating jobs. they are doing everything they can to destroy our economy. obamas policies are starting to work. business people are not teabaggers they as everyone else are embarrassed by you low income uneducated fools.

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