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Tell us how you think President Barack Obama has handled the economic crisis so far. What's he done right? And what's he gotten wrong?

Majority Would Vote Against Obama
A year into his tenure, a majority of Americans would already vote against Pres. Obama if the '12 elections were held today, according to a new survey.
The Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll shows 50% say they would probably or definitely vote for someone else. Fully 37% say they would definitely cast a ballot against Obama. Meanwhile, just 39% would vote to re-elect the pres. to a 2nd term, and only 23% say they definitely would do so.

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This is what happens when you let an inexperienced amateur take the job.
1. Remember if you have managed more than two people in your life you have more experience than Obama did when he became president
2. Want to know how Obama thinks? Just ask any left wing sophomore at your local university. He has about the same insight and experience as they have.


His administration runs pretty smoothly.  He was dropped into two wars and a financial crisis.  You just dont like his policies.

Obama is far to the right of left wing sophomores.  And he knows a lot more about government details than  either of us; i was a sophomore years ago, although at that point i was apolitical.



severed...  Most Americans want him voted out as soon as possible. I wouldn't call that 'running smoothly'.



That has nothing to do with running smoothly, which is what I was talking about.  Popularity and running smoothly are different things.  Learn to think, for crying out loud.


It has EVERYTHING to do with running smoothly, if things were running smoothly, people would not want him voted out..Right?



Try again severed...  Laughing


No.  If things were running smoothly in the wrong direction, they would want him out.  Obama's administration does run pretty smoothly.  Not much bickering or infighting, none of the tension we saw between Rummy and Powell.  And people are still unhappy because he is having trouble getting things done.



Obama promised to end the war in Iraq, close Guantanamo, universalise health care, cut taxes on most and raise them on the rich, and put American money and effort into fighting climate change.

Iraq is getting worse, Gitmo isn't closing anytime soon, the majority of Americans are seeing that Obamacare would be a nightmare and want nothing to do with it, he is raising Everyone's taxes and the Climate change scenario is a scare tactic and has been proven to be so.

That is not 'running smoothly'.

dfrogpong Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

why are you people so against my country? i love the united states of American, why cant you?

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