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Tell us how you think President Barack Obama has handled the economic crisis so far. What's he done right? And what's he gotten wrong?

Poor is an attitude, Broke is a temporary situation.....UNLESS THIS MORON TAKES THE REST OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY. There is no such thing as freedom of choice, babies NEVER choose to die.
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Dr. Kelly Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Kathy, our ever bitter and unbelievably vitriolic token leftist, dfrogpong, suffers from the bitterest of delusions.  That is why she always posts anonymously unless she posts her worst racist vitriol under her most frequently abused alias.


She seems to think that Rocmike is still alive, that Obama is not a traitor, that Bush was the devil, and that mindless evil is everyone's absolute lifetime goal.  Some people suffer the nastiest of delusions and will not part from them even when repeatedly disproved.  That is the definer of psychosis.


Did you see how dfrogpong commands us to "worship the divine Obama?"  Who but a fascist could be evil enough to do such a foolish and bitter thing?


I suppose that someone had to be on the very bottom of the extreme racist and leftist quagmire.  Why Tadpole decided to be that bottom layer of sludge is for her court-appointed psychiatrist to figure out.

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Rocmike's aka American Patriots alias Dr. Kelly is starting off today's posting marathon. 3 hours of posting so far.

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