How do you ask women to trample you

I am into trampling like being stepped on and stuff how should i ask a women to trample me without sounding like a creep??? Help

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This sounds a little dangerous. I guess the best thing is to start slow...during your interaction start getting a little rough and see how she reacts. Feel the situation out.

Ask a few girlfriends or women to help out, A number of people seem to do this with success especially at parties as a game or for a laugh afterwards. Often a girlfriend will oblige in such circumstances.

Watch out that they arent wearing stilleto heels or boots until you both get used to it or you could get badly hurt, Remember the average girl wearing stiletto heels places a pressure where her heel is on you similar to that of a full size elephant due to her concentrated weight on a small area of you, It maybe wise to find a lighter girl so that the heel marks dont go too deep unless you want them too of course!  Maybe a large puncture kit would be advisable!!

Enjoy yourself  

I would`

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