What Should I Ask My Orthopedic Surgeon Before Hip Replacement Surgery?

What Should I Ask My Orthopedic Surgeon Before Hip Replacement Surgery?

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Will I be able to do the tango after I heal?

Are you going to eat the copay?

Will the scar show thru my bikini?

Is that enuf to get you started?

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Can i have hip replacement surgery and still work as a truck driver?

You may have your work back, yes, but maybe you need to be extra careful that time. Your hip, just like your knee carries the mass of your body. You also have to consider that time when you have your hip replacement surgery, it may cause failure to your surgery if you insist yourself in that kind of ...

Hip relacement

Most hip implants ahve been reported to fail due to defective component used by the manufacturer. Biomet is one of the makers that faced a number of lawsuits because of their faulty device. Read more @ http://www.rotlaw.com/biomet/ .

I need to find an Orthopedic Dr.who take MS Medicaide. I am new to this

Hi Sue: I suggest you consult the list of Orthopedic providers that Medicaid has on file. Remember Orhto. Surgeons are both MD & DO. There will not be many available. Good luck. Dr Ron......

Hip replacement surgery?

I know one guy who's very thankful for his hip replacement. In as short as 2 weeks, he was walking with a cane already, pain-free and driving his Harley again. However, I feel there is a need to know about depuy asr hip lawsuit before deciding to get to this road.