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Why do people go to the doctor, get a diagnosis, get a prescription and then come on AOL Answers to ask the questions that they should have asked the doctor? If you're already there, he's not going to ...

It is good practice to ask for second opinions.  Much of my practice was dedicated to SO's.  A second opinion may involve a comprehensive exam, full labs, and radiology, to assure that the second physician has up to date information.  However, we make a point not to consider any prior work products.

Let's consider a case.  A middle aged man who has great difficulty telling the truth presents with an extremely sore neck, and the previous physician diagnosed him with toxic goiter.

Secondary examination reveals that the sore neck involves rope burns and he still has patches of tar with embedded feathers here and there.  We then rule out that toxic goiter, and psychiatric exam reveals that he has a peculiarity that he incessantly tells "Knock-Knock" jokes to literate persons.

The underlying condition is that he tells witless jokes, suffered a lynching attempt, and due to his inability to tell the truth, might either be a politician or used car salesman. 

Therefore we derive a new diagnosis, and hope to God that the shrink can get him to quit saying "Knock, Knock" to people.

Have you checked your medical benefits since Obamacare?
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he must have sold used cars
politicians have noses that are long enough to use for broom handles.

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Dr. Kelly is a veterinarian who specializes in hamster memmorhoids. Please do not take anything he says seriously. The man has already posted that infants with congenital heart defects should not get transplants. He'd rather let them die, being the great doctor and good samaritan that he is.

Dr. Kelly

That is odd.  I thought I graduated from UW School of Medicine, and later went on to become a medical physicist.  The best school of Veterinary medicine I know is at WSU, Pullman.


That is fairly distant from Seattle.  Perhaps you would like to do your homework, Tadpole.  Humorless Democrats will always be the nastiest people on the planet.  However, please realize that the joke is on you. 

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Rocmike's alias Dr. Kelly is starting off today's posting marathon. 3 hours of posting so far.

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