Article about how roman catholic church influences us today

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Dec 21, 2012

The catholic church or anyone else or any other organization, can only influence us if we look at these organizations or the like, with an open mind. Only with an open mind will be able to see, if it's there, the goodnes of this or that organization or whatever you are looking into. Thousands upon thousands of people, many of them catholics, will tell you that the catholic church is just a sad story. A church bathed in blood and corruption. But yet if you pick up a history anywhere in the world, which are based on facts, these history books paint a different picture of the catholic church.The catholic church as a religious institution, is perfect, like it's founder, christ.But christ uses men to run his earthly part of his church. Mankind is not perfect, so sometimes these men running his kingdom here on earth have done things in his name, which were not perfect. So people then say," see that catholic church is that way, has done this or that." PEOPLE WHO HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA WILL TWIST, LIE, ETC.About the catholic church. I mean if you have good intentions towards anything you are not going to make it look bad, are you? It was the catholic church who converted the roman empire from it's evil ways to a more compassionate state. It was the catholic church who brought such ideas as the equality of men to the roman world,compassion for others,etc. It was the catholic church that kept knowledge, the arts, literature, etc. Alive after the fall of the roman empire.In hundreds of monasteries monks, nuns and others kept civilization going. They kept the bibles going. All you have to do is read your basic history anywhere in the world, and it will tell you all these things. So i guess because the catholic church kept knowledge and civilization going, it is the major influence in the history of the world. But mankind has tried to get away from the moral influence of the catholic church and we have become a very disconected world. Do what makes you feel good and the the hell with what the catholic church says, is now the credo of the world. If people, specially world leaders, were to read some, and put into action, of the papal encyclicals, the world would be a more positive place to live in, but then who is going to listen to some funny dudes walking around in some strange clothes, it's ok for rappers to do it, but popes no. Not many people will admit to the power and influence of the catholic church, specially now days, so the world will just keep rotating in it's sad state of affairs.

The Church uses scripture speculations to effect public policy in a negative way. It has set back science for at least 8 years under President Bush by restricting scientists who wanted embryonic stem cells to work on but the Church preferred that these cells be thrown in the garbage. Even Jesus in his exorcisms wanted to heal people. The Church should also stop interferring with women who want to control the rate of their own reproduction. The Church should stop opposing birth control and abortion. The welfare rolls and prisons are full of unwanted children. The Church should be taxed so it can pay for their support. Also terminally ill people should be allowed to die with dignity rather than to suffer. It should be the choice of those slowly dying in pain.

Extraordinarily claims require extraordinary evidence. The god hypothesis has failed for lack of evidence.. Public policy should be informed by science and pragmatism rather than theology and religious dogma.

If one looks at Catholic history, which is HORRIFIC, it leads anyone with a brain to ask, why are they still in business milking the the old, and the mentally infirm, and  raping children. They infact went around the world destroying writtings of our relationship with the UFO pilots/gods. They are a dangerous criminal organazation.

They infact went around the world destroying writtings of our relationship with the UFO pilots/gods. They are a dangerous criminal organazation.


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