Arthur Lucien

Who is "Arthur Lucien"?  This query is at the top of Google's Hot Trends now.  According to Google, it's popular in New York City and Atlanta, and relates to New Jersey, Monet, "evalon," and Shane Parker.  I'm puzzled.

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It's very curious that you have such a negative outlook on a happy occasion. Regardless of the financial status of the Lucien family, the fact remains that they at the very least qualified for the show 'platinum weddings' which you evidently watch religiously. (Never mind the fact that if they borrowed money I'm sure the show would have found out and showcasing a group of borrowers would go against the very fabric of this posh reality television series. ) It is truly hysterical that someone such as yourself with your undoubtedly busy agenda finds time enough to research a family on television and try to justify exactly why they have money (borrowed or not) to put on a wedding of that calibur. That fact illustrates you evidently do not have that level of financial prowress. Of course you could be right, the show

lied about how much money they spent and really picked a borderline impovershed family to showcase, or (try to wrap your keen mind around this) they actually did have the money. Either way, your lengthy response to the question who this man is coupled with your 'research' highlights the fact that you undoubtedly do not have the amount of money the Lucien familiy either has or portrays. Ultimately if you did reach that kind of financial stability, you surely wouldn't have the time or even the remote interest to look up a family on television and complain how they highlight the problems with mortgage in America. So from the bottom of all the hearts whom read your response to Verily's question: "Stop hating. Get a life." ;-) Make sure your uniform is clean for Monday. ;-)

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I didn't know that so many people watched We TV!  There was an episode of Platinum Weddings last night with Monet Lucien and Shane Parker.  Monet's parents are Arthur and Evalon.  There's a slideshow and information on this

web page.

It has to do with an episode of Platinum Weddings.  His daughter had a huge, expensive wedding and wore a 30 lb dress. 

Thanks for these answers!

what does arthur lucien do

Arthur Lucien lives at 55 Hills Drive Belle Meade NJ.  Searching the Somerset County Clerk's Office, reveals that Mr & Mrs. Lucien have relatively modest means but have figured out how to borrow money.  Ever since they purchased their house (worth approx. $750K) in 2000, they have refinanced it 3 times with teaser adjustible rate mortgages.  Each time they financed more than their prior mortage.  They have gone from owing $418K in 2000 to $625K in 2007.  They are a classic example of the problems in the mortgage industry today.  They borrowed from the big players in the sub-prime market: Countrywide Mtg., Merrill Lynch,  and Washington Mutual.  Based on some other searches I think he is a regional Public Relations Manager for UPS.  A nice job (probably earning $135K) but not nearly enough to spend that much money on a wedding. 

Thank you foghorn76 because all I could think throughout the entire show was how the heck could he afford all of this but I see he's just in alot of debt that sucks too bad I was really hoping he owned a successful business  or was a successful career man despite is position at UPS. I hate to see a black man run himself further and further into the ground when he could be financially comfortable at the assumed earningS per year for him. 

Couldn't have said it better myself, daskip6!!!! EXCELLENT post!  LOL

Incorrect salary, incorrect city and incorrect financial information.

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