Even the brightest of stars on the basketball court can be dimmed by chronic joint pain in the knee. Joint pain is often associated with aging or with specific illnesses such as arthritis. These associations may lead sufferers to feel as though there is no hope for joint relief. However, understanding how the knee functions may help alleviate that hopelessness. Knee joint pain can be caused by many factors and even joint pain that is caused by aging or illness may be easily treated by diet, exercise or even supplements that support joint relief such as Instaflex.

The knee joint is formed where the thigh bone meets the shin bone. It is comprised of the inner and outer medial, the kneecap and is surrounded by ligaments that work to create stability and strength to the joint. Joint pain in the knee is most commonly caused by a softening of cartilage below the kneecap. This breakdown causes the kneecap to rub against the thigh bone when you move your knee.

The breakdown of cartilage in the knee can be a result of trauma, age, or a disease such as arthritis. The good news is that joint relief is possible. Joint pain in your knee is highly treatable and while you should consult a physician before embarking on any treatment plan, there are many things you can do on your own to find joint relief.

For more severe cases of knee joint pain, ice packs and immobilization may be helpful. Additionally, there are a variety of dietary supplements that offer joint relief. Studies have shown that some, such as Instaflex, are highly effective at helping repair cartilage damage using Natural Eggshell Membrane. For most cases of chronic joint pain in the knee a combination of these treatments will be most effective.

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What can I do for painful Heel Spruces

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I suffered with a heel spur/spruces for 6 months, and every other night I would soak my feet in water as hot as I could stand in with epsom salt and apple cider vineger mixed in. Then rubbed my feet with lotion that I had poured 100% camphor oil into that I purchsed at a health food store. As I did my rubbing I was rubbing in a circular motion, and the most sensitive area. The pain started going up the back of my ankle bone and still in my heel. It hurt so bad I sit on the edge of my bed and started to cry. All of a sudden I rememberd when I was about 8 yrs old I heard my gandmother say ,"You always rub pain down" She has been dead for more than 20 years and It was like she came to me to tell me that. She was not speaking to me that day , I do not remember who she was talking to, but I remember hearing that, I believe I was suppose to hear that for way into my future life. I stared rubbing the pain toward my toes and in about 3 days I could feel the pain moving into the center of my arch, and the pain was lessend in my heel.  Within 2 weeks all pain was gone. When you rub pain downward you rub it out of the body.

Nefeteria@aol.com  Margaret

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