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What is the first name of G. von Trier

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I wish I knew the first name "G..." of "G. von Trier". I have a painting by him (I believe from about 1935 or so, "Summer"), and I have seen (and I have photo of) ten close looking paintings made by him. I know now this much: He was born in New England (Maine?), USA, and spent some time in his youth in Europe (France).

The names of the paintings I have seen are: Summer, The Lake, Rural landscape, Daisies by the step, Delta Airline Germany (poster), Country lane, Country store, Winter scene, Winter landscape.

If anyone knows more about G. von Trier please email to: tuve.skanberg //at//labarum.se

Thank you!

Tuve Skanberg, Sweden


Dear Tuve,

I do not have any information about the artist however I do own "Birch Path" a 24" X 36" print.  Since you did not name this painting I have included a copy for your viewing.

I am in the USA and my email would not allow me to contact you directly.  You may try to contact me jerry@rachaelevelyn.com

See photo below.




Vintage G. Von Trier "Birch Path" Print With Frame

I also have this same print and wondered if it had a value.  I have also tried researching on the internet and the only info I found was that a painting or print sold at auction several years ago but was unable to find out the auction price. The internet said that the G. von Trier was a gay female.  I am going to try the research again.  Do you have any idea of value or number of prints?  I am going to try emailing Tuve to find out if he/she has additional info.  You can reach me at joanzose@peoplepc.com



Hi Tuve.  I posted this question and am just getting back on line after being sick.  Thanks for your information.  It was helpful.  I researched G. von Trier on the internet and found that one G. von Trier was a gay female Painter; possibly not the same person.  Do you have pictures that you can post as this painter does not seem to have much of a following and I would like to do more research on him/her. According to my research a painting sole (1) several years ago, but I was unable to find out the auction price. Do you have any idea of what his/her paintings/prints are valued at?  Do you have any search recommendations? My email address is joanzose@peoplepc.com

Have a great day


i own a g.von trier oil on board approximately 12x16, called church scene #3948. very plain, mostly muted green, with three white buildings, one church with a clock on the steeple at 1350. i don't know a thing about this artist, i thought this may have been a  "paint by number".

sheila @sheilasmithguin@aol.com     

ve on as well it's 8x5 on masonite of a log cavin in the snow very nice 

I have a G. von Trier, "Down on the Hill" with some information about him typed and taped onto the back.  - - -"He was born in Kansas but spent his early childhood in Paris where his mother wrote for "Le Grande Revue". His father, who graduated Leipzi University and the Sorbonne, was a professor and author whose books were published in many languages. Though he showed interest ina rt at the age of ive, von Trier's literary background influenced him so that at the age of seventeen his first literary piece was published. After his schooling he launched his career in sales promotions and did commercial art work in connection with his promotions. Art was a leisure time activity and believing it should be fresh and pure he invented and explored new techniques during his joyful interlude between his pressing activities of the business world. Eventually having enough of the frustrating gyrations of the business worlk, he donned his grubby clothes and proceeded to make his hobby his life'w work. His paintings are now exhibited in exclusive galleries throughout the U.S. and Canada and are among the treasured possessions of significant collectors." - - - -


Gerhardt R. VonTrier-Rudstedt


 I, too, have two G Von Trier original oil painting.  After some research, I found a link, which identified Von Trier with the above name.  I could find no other information.

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