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Arrested on suspicion of criminal damage

My mother has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage based on CCTV footage that doesn't actually show her committing this offence. She has been bailed until the end of Novemeber where she then has to go back to the police station. What will happen after that?

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If shes out on bail she will have to go back in, and they will ask her questions, and chances are she will have to go to court for trial. Its just pending at this time, she has to re-appear, than they will set a date for trial. Getting a bond, is assuring the courts that she will appear in front of a judge, if she doesnt, the bond is pulled and a warrant is out for her arrest. The outcome will be if she is convicted or not of this crime.

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It's interesting that you said your mother wasn't actually caught on CCTV, and not that she didn't do it! Given that statement, she is probably going to stand trial for whatever offense she was arrested for. Did she commit the crime, and trying to defend herself, or putting all of her eggs in"That CCTV didn't actually see me doing the crime" basket? From the sound of your question, your mom is guilty, and will probably go to trial. That is like saying, "Nobody saw me break my neighbor's car windshield out, so they should never have arrested me!" "I know nobody saw me, ' it was too dark when I threw that brick!" If she actually did it, she should go to trial, and be found guilty. If she didn't, then she should not have to stand trial, and if she does, she deserves to be found not guilty. That doesn't sound like what actually happened though. Time will tell. Good luck!


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