Ariadne's Thread

What is the inner meaning of Ariadne's Thread?

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In AI and Logic Ariadne's Thread can refer to the use of organized records such to slve problems with multiple choices. I.E. Keeping a record of what you have done so you don't repeat mistakes and having an plan to get you to your destination.

In AI/Logic there are a few standard problems that are used. E.g. "The Travelling Salesman" problem and exiting a maze are examples of searching problems. Most problems. Most logic problems boil down to searching and/or sorting.

Some references below seem to apply Ariadne's Thread search for meaning or order in ones life, suggesting you need a logical approach such as Ariadne's Thread to deal with the demons in our lives rather than letting emotions rule when encoutering scary things like Minatours or failing a test at university.

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solving a problem w/ multiple means.  an ethical question...also a play 

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