Are there summer classes in LIR?

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Answered: Summer courses for adults

Check the internet under summer school programs in Brooklyn N.Y. Unless your interested in a particular study you can reference that as well.

Answered: Help for finsing summer camps?

Contact the local YMCA. they usually sponsor a summer camp or know of them in your area.

Answered: Are you A Class Clown?

"Class clowns" are never considered humorous: they are disruptive, witless, and sarcastic. Follow the checkered past of Don Rickles (a failure in all regards) and Garrison Keillor (a landmark overwhelming success) and you will see the difference. It is only a question of attitude. The person who ...

Answered: Summer Break Activities?

Why don't you try to play online casinos? Poker, Slots etc.

Answered: Boone in June I would like to know about the watercolor classes this

Welcome! — Anne Abgott | Award-Winning Watercolor Artist Anne Abgott is a renouned watercolor artist, still life and color master in Florida. - Similar
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Does your family own a summer cottage?

Had a summer home in the Carolinas up in the mountains and a home on Captiva Island and friends loved vacationing experience I could have given my children and grandchildren..however with my medical bills and the economy, even though they were pif...cost of insurance and taxes ...

Summer Swimsuits

Me too is very excited on summer and swim to a beach or even in a swimming pool . I do have my swimsuits and I bought it at . Their designs are very good and it has different colors and styles to choose from. They are the no. 1 pool supplies distributor here.