are pat robertson and phil robertson cousins?

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Answered: Kimo Robertson

What about ?

Answered: What's Phil Jackson going to be doing?

I'm not sure what he will do. I really thought that he would go out while the Lakers were on top - not when they were swept in the playoffs. He was a great coach but it's time for him to retire. I wonder how the new coach will be. I bet he will spend time with his family and grandkids now.

Answered: Don't you hate Phil Robertson because he looks like The Unibomber? What a

How scary it is that you would hate anybody simply due to the way they look.

Answered: What is phil gramm worth

No one knows how much exactely but it is clear that this is a man who has done quite well for himself financially.
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Family Tree Confusion?

4th cousins ~~ grandparents - 2nd cousins; parents - 3rd cousins; children - 4th cousins

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