are Non Verbal communication is not perceived solely through sight.?

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Answered: Non-verbal communications

One may communicate by means of gesture, or with practice, telepathically.

Answered: What is '' Verbal communication, Non-verbal com..''?

verbal is speech. non-verbal is body language, actions, etc. Here is a child involved in non-verbal communication with her mother who wants the child to clean her room. Her sister is showing shock and surprise with non-verbal communication.

Answered: What are the types of non-verbal communication

Any communication that is not using mouth can be categorized as non-verbal communication. One of this is by chatting or sending mails. There are still many out there.

Answered: laser sight for glock 20 w/o rails

This firearm wasn't designed for a laser sight as the trajectory of the 10X25 MM round somewhat resembles a rainbow and has limited range. However, it is effective in close quarters and is an option with most police departments. Laser targeting systems are only needed at long range, such as the ...

Answered: The organisation communication climate affects the quality and quantity

You should click on the blue "Check Spelling" link before posting your question, or type it in Spanish so I can understand it better.

Answered: has anyone here ever placed an ad on sightly

I can not see what you typed Ol. :) But type it again in braile or in sign language and I'll be all over it. :) Sometimes I have a well endowed blond lady sit in my lap and do the typing for me. That's turning lemons to lemonade (or into something sweet). best to you.
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