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Following the raid on Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama now has a 60 approval rating. Do you approve or disapprove of President Obama's job performance?

http://www.patriotactionnetwork.com/profile/DDawald?xg_source=msg_share_topicProbe finds cheating by educators in Atlanta school district

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Darla Dawald, National Director

Check out the discussion 'Probe finds cheating by educators in Atlanta school district'

I am glad the probe has uncovered this... I truly hope they hold them all accountable... what are your thoughts?

Discussion posted by Darla Dawald, National Director:

Over a decade of cheating... this is another reason why Patriots need to get involved in the school districts! We must be there for oversig...

Discussion link:

Delilah cut Sampson's hair and forced him into servitude and demise, powerful is woman, strong and vigilant, she brought her men off battlefields to carry them on her back to safety or to burial
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Right wing lies and hate

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