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I would like to contact dr. Oz. Can i obtain the name of his official website and an e-mail address to write to him. Thank you

I would like to contact dr. Oz.

Can i obtain the name of his official website and an e-mail address to write to him. Thank you
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You can contact Dr. Oz via the following: Dr. Oz.

Take care.


To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy.


My name is dina latrisse hurst-mitchell.  I am 35 years old nad disabled.  I have been diagnosed with several conditions stemming from an autoimmune disorder that is genetic.  Ihave the following:

Congenital adreanal hyperplasia

Idiopathic thrombocytopenia


Secondary pulmonary hypertension

Wilsons liver disease

I need help.  I cannot afford to meet you.  I cannot afford a computer to reach oprah or any other assistance via the phone long distance, no transportation.  I have so many aspirations and things i want to do in life but my health and overall situation seem hopeless.

Please respond

Home phone 205-556-3190

Parents phone 205-722-2654  pastor billy/barbara hurst

Sisters phone 205-553-7524/205-239-9306  debra/eddie harris

Grandma phone 205-554-0812  ms. Johnnie pryor

My home address  4311-13th st ne tuscaloosa, al 35404

Dr.Oz   My name is Tawanna Staples i'm 36yrs. old and i need to make an appointment to see you. I had surgery in 2006 to have my left ovary removed due to having pain and 2cysts on the left ovary.Unfortunately,the wrong ovary was removed and i've been in pain on my right side everyday since the surgery.Is it possible for me to make an appointment to see you.PLEASE I'm DESPARATE!!!!!!!!

My contacy info is 219-886-9523 home and 219-218-2517 cell


This question is for dr oz.  I had gastric bypass in 2000 and lost 120lbs.  I have suffered several hamstrings injuries since then and now am sedentary and have gained 45lbs back.  Please give me some instruction on what i can do or who can i talk to to help me to get back on track.

Good morning and I wish that you will have a happy new year.
I would like to ask you about a very serious problem that I have. I have been through an operation on my tonsils in 2005 and my doctor removed my uvula also.
Since then, in a period of six months I had dysfagia and I feed only with yogurts and creams. Sometimes, the small pieces of the food I eat end in my nasal cavity and other times in my trachea through the pharynx. As a result I have the feeling that I am suffocating.
I would like you to tell me what I can do in order to feed again. Also, I should add that since then, I have dropped 110 pounds (50kg) and I am still dropping pounds because I just feed with yogurts. I am trying to feed with other ‘soft’ foods but it is not easy for me to do so.
I am scared because as time goes by I see nothing to change for the better.
In this case, I would like to ask you in what doctor to refer to. Moreover, I would like to know if there is any chance/way for me to be better.
I would really appreciate it if you could answer to me as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Email Address: qanadiakiss@yahoo.gr




Dr. Oz,

I noticed that Ovaltine, Chocolate Malt Mix has several added vitamins inlcuding 50% of vitamin D.  Could I drink this daily to get most of the vitamin D I need or should I obtain that from other foods, like salmon and sardines?

I know you're very busy, so please get back when you can.


Seattle, WA





How can I contact Dr. Oz

i have a new  healthy producut for you  it is 25% lower caffine than decaf      its a gourmet  coffee  that has an herbal extract  known to assit and strengthen  the immune system  yet taste good  and still energies an rejuvenates.It help create  an alkaline ph level(instead of acid) which cancer cells  are unabe  to exist . It lowers  blood pressure, balances chloresterol levels andreducesthe symptoms of  bronchities, asthma, and other lung  problems  .Scientist have studied this  as a treatment for cancer , insomnia ,arthritis and many  other coditions and dieases  .  if you are interestee  please contact me  for furter  information    .  I think this product  should and could help  people especally  cancer   heart dieases (lower caffeine) and kidny  problems   this could ehlp  so many people  ,  how many drink coffee that  have  high acid  in it tht have  ulcers   please i would eally  like to talk to you  further    i  also  sent this to oprah also    you should do a show on this  new health  discovery   conserably  Elizabeth  Gibson    704 492 8978

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