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How do I inform a prospective employer of a drunk ...

How do I inform a prospective employer of a drunk driving conviction in such a way to convince him I am now sober and a good candidate for employment?

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firstof all you need to be honest and tell themabout it youaresober now.everyone makes mistakes .ifyour in a program and a sponsorand you have changedyour life.

Hi Michael ,  An employer wants honesty from all applicants . I don't like to find out something on my own .  I'd rather the applicant tell me , it shows me you have taken responsibility for your actions have good character and values .   Be honest and just tell them what happened . Assure them you have learned from your mistake and have straighten your life out .  These types of things always seem to surface especially if they run a background check and most do .  Now if the position you are applying for requires you to operate vehicles belonging to the company , their insurance company can and may restrict you from operating any vehicle belonging to them for a period of time and that period of time varies . If you have lost your license assure them you have made arrangements for transportation to and from work .  Be honest Michael if I were looking at you as a possible employee you'd score points by coming forward with this information .
Good Luck !

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