Apparently, Physicalist is at it again.

I changed my online data to prevent the one atheist on AOL Answers from abusing my screen name.  It has happened again and again.  To date, Physicalist has always been quite neurotic.  

I dearly hope that Physicalist will see the wisdom to re-enter psychotherapy rather than antagonize people.  Life is pleasant when we behave pleasantly. 

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Listen up, you Ass-munching reprobate! Haven't you tired of this ridiculous charade......??


Just go back to the happy farm until they can get your med's sorted out.... and take all your silly, false identities with you.....Yell

Rocmike aka Stressed-Bill-Anselmog-Anonymous-Unkown Philosopher give it a break.

Ignore the fake Melvin that posed this question. He is an atheist reprobate that runs a gulag with Christian missionaries starving to death inside. He also makes Christian kids into burgers and roasts them on hellfire.

Rocmike with so many aliases that  you post under it has to be hard to remember them all. It could be you that stole your screen name. After all you are an idiot.

Again, we see that calm and patience are the formula for victory.  Although Physicalist has apparently become quite upset, we see that faith will always give level headed persons calm and good health.  Some among us will die in severe turmoil because they reject calming faith.  All else will understand the priceless value of eternal peace. 


What you do today will be on your conscience tomorrow -- and for the rest of your existence.

Rocmike give it a break.

Rocmike 7 straight hours of posting under your Melvin alias. You need help and a life.

Melvin, we have all seen that there is only one leftist hatemonger on AOL Answers. 

If there is hate in a post, it came from the leftist bigot.  Unfortunately leftists cannot understand anything beyond mindless hatemongering, therefore all leftists are insane, bitter, antosocial, malignant, and to be pitied.

Leftists play hate games but that is the way to control leftists.  Just refuse to play their games and that gives you complete control over hatemongering leftists.

To be born free is a gift. To live free is a privilege. To die free is our duty.

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