An apology to YEDDA staff. I thought that a batch ...

An apology to YEDDA staff.

I thought that a batch of Questions (all about "manuals") posted a day or so back were "imported" from a web page that YEDDA supports (people ask questions on other web sites ... dealing with various topics ... and their questions are directed here to YEDDA, hence called "imported" questions).  

I posted a criticism of that.  Yedda not only eliminated all those "Manuals" postings and blocked that spam poster but responded to my criticsm to inform me of their actions and that they were NOT the ones behind those spam postings. [Yes, for any doubters, I do believe YEDDA's representative on this.]

Thus, I apologize for assuming it was attributable to YEDDA (when it was spammer action) and I thank YEDDA for knocking out all those postings and informing us.

Well done and Thanks YEDDA staff!


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No need :-)

I can understand that it's extremely frustrating to face this kind of content. I'm glad we could respond fairly quickly this time round.

Please continue to report any suspicious content.

Thanks for all your great answers on Yedda!

i have a few grips,but who is listening?

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