How can I apologize to my ex girlfriend after I hurtfully disrespected her?

How can I apologize to my ex girlfriend after I hurtfully disrespected her? On December 9th I tried to get back with my ex-girlfriend but, she finally got tired of my crap. She told me she didn't want me, and I was a loser and I had nothing to offer her. I was hurt and mad. I texted and voice mailed her by calling her a slut, bitch, hoe, and a lying loose ass white bitch. I emailed her last week by admitting that I was wrong, I had anger issues, and I wasn't ready to be in a realationship with her. She never responded back to me. She told my sister that she can't stand me and I am dead to her. What else can I do for her to forgive me ? How can she except my apology?

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Shes not going to accept your apology. You may want to just shut your mouth and keep it moving in another direction and avoid her altogether.

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If you have tried to talk to her without success, you may actually be making the situation worse. She is already not feeling you, and by you trying to talk to her makes her dislike you even more.

If you have tried to talk to her without success, you may actually be making the situation worse. She is already not feeling you, and by you trying to talk to her makes her dislike you even more.

This method of how to say sorry to your girlfriend works because she will be curious. She will be thinking of what did she do to deserve a thank you, from you!

 Please address your anger issues and pervent this from happening in the future .  You behaved in an extremely disrespectful manner so your chances with any type of relationship with this girl are gone . Learn from your mistakes .

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You received excellent answers (thumbs up, each).  I would like to add several remarks:
1.  Leave here now.   There is nothing you can do now.
2.  You MUST learn to control your anger !. 
3.  Take it as a lesson for the future. 
4.  and always remember: As an adult you are responsible
     for what you are doing !. ..... and being "responsible"
     means that you "pay" for what you do.  This time you
     pay heavily.   But, to be honest you deserve it.
5.  Even if you get really mad you can't treat your girlfriend
     the way you did.  You crossed all red lines.  You MUST
     respect your girlfriend all the time (even after your
     relations are over !)
6.  You only hope is that "time heals wounds".  Wait some
     time (3 months or so) at this time do all you can to learn
     the lesson and change yourself.  Then send her a
     message to say: I am sorry, I regret, I did a terrible
     mistake, I really and truely changed myself, and I 
     will appreciate if you give me another / last chance
     to proove it.  Your chances are low, but you might
     be lucky.  BUT, do it only if you really feel that way
     (don't dare to fake / pretend !).

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WOW, Your lucky she didn't really mess you up, I cant say I would have been so kind. I agree you have anger issues but even before that, your very very immature. you said she just got out of a marriage, so I assume you are adults, although the way you spoke to her I wouldn't have thought that. i wonder if someone spoke to your momma that way, would you have cheered them on and give them a high five? Probably not! You should really care enough for this woman to just leave her be, She has one divorce under her belt, and now she has to deal with you!! Just leave her alone. Be selfless and dont call her, dont texx her, dont do anything for her or about her, just leave her be. One day you may run in to her, It would suck for you if the only memory she has about you was that you were an A**. I really dont like to be hateful I really dont. But if you spoke that way to my sisters or my momma, you would be pulling bits of my shoe and your broken teeth out for many many years. Its NOT OK to treat someone like a second hand citizen, and Shame on you for doing so. Im just glad it's not someone in my family, because you wouldn't have a prayer. Good Luck I have a feeling you will need it. Susan H-K MI 

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