Is Apex Merchant Group a scam?????

Apex Merchant Group scam? ATT: Any sales reps with Apex Merchant Group. Have you been scammed by this company?


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I have just acceped a position, due to start tomorrow, help.

I worked for them. They are a real company. The problem is that their customer service stinks. You sell an account but then you have to wait forever to talk to your supervisor or customer service. Hard to feel good about selling the services when you realize that your customers have to wait forever to get answers. Also, when they send equipment, it doesn't necessarioly work so you look like a fool!!!!

can you guys give me your contact info. I just started and I"m beginning to think they are a scam

I am actually a sales rep for Apex, and have found them to be a wonderful company thus far. I have been running appointments now 4 days and I have already made two sales with very good commissions.  My team coordinator has been wonderful in helping me ensure the merchant is informed and very satisfied with changing over to Apex. I have also referred a few of my friends to Apex, some for employment and one I have sold Apex service to.  If I would refer my very good friend to Apex then I would refer them to the other merchants I do not know yet.  Apex is also very good at ensuring that you have appointments each and every day.

Yes i was scammed long story short they said they would cover my cancel fees from my other contract and didn't $500 bucks, also took $48 out of my account the first day i signed with them for no reason said they would refund it but its been over a month and nothing.

I started with them about month ago.  And I sold on my first appointment and then my third appointment.  My support person is always there when need him.  He has even help close some deals.  I havent had any problem with anything and I have made some good money the first month and customers very happy.  So I think when people say bad things it is because they arent doing it the right away or they arent cut out for it.  Cause you got to realize your support person has about ten or more people on there team. So they has fast as they can.  And Im also signing somebody i know.

I sold for them for about a year and I wouldn't go so far as to say they are a scam.  They do still push leases, which I don't approve of see my video on this subject: 

Anyway, the bottom line is that they don't offer a competitive compensation structure and their "deal cost" or the lowest rate they will let you make a sale is too high to go after large, multi location accounts, so I don't recommend selling for them.  The appointment set leads are nice, but you can honestly make just as many sales by going in cold turkey. 

I switched to North American Bancard, they have a much better compensation package see my video on this:   I am now recruiting a sales team for NAB.  I posted a bunch of videos on youtube for new reps to learn the industry, I hope you find it useful:

Give me a call or email me with any questions: 814-515-9526

I have been with Apex for more then a year and am extremely pleased with the compensation plan.  I have built an exceptional network of businesses that provide me with enough referrals so that I rarely run any leads.  I don't push the sale or lease of machines at all and my superiors understand what I am building and know that I produce on my own.  The rates that we can provide are some of the absolute lowest in the industry.  With regards to NAB...the $900 cancellation fee that you never tell your customers about until they cancel is ridiculous, insulting, and shady!  Talk about losing customer trust and confidence...

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