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Why is AOL's news media source extremist?

Why do you use an extremely biased liberal news source to represent your company?  Personally, I am centerist in my politics, but feel that media news and information is only useful when reporting the facts without the spin and bias.  That is, unless your goal is to propagandize your bias.

It would be equally offensive if you had news coverage provided by Fox or interprerted and censored by Rush Limbaugh.  How difficult is it to see that these extreme biased opinions only drive the people to a place where it's impossible to find common ground or even agree on good ideas to help everyone.  Ever heard of "united we stand, divided we fall"?  The exterme partisan propaganda is one of the most harmful problems to the whole planet and you have a responsibility as a mass media outlet, to offer truthful and objective information. 

Please reconsider your news source and harmful stance that divides people and supresses cooperation.

Sincerely, Robert Gentry

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Absolutely agree with this post.  Can anyone tell me how to opt out of the news page....only want to view my email from now on.

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