AOL Webmail Autocomplete does not work - Webmail Basic

AOL autocomplete has stopped working on two machines after using "settings > compose" to change from Rich Text / HTML formatting to Plain Text formatting and back again.

One machine is Windows 98SE, IE6. Webmail Basic

The second machine is Windows XP SP2, IE8. Webmail Basic

The behavior of the two machines, in this respect, is identical. AOL webmail autocomplete does not work after the Settings > Compose is used to change the Rich Text / HTML setting from off to on.

It may be that this change is altering the AOL Webmail site behavior with respect to its handling of the autocomplete popup window.  I can find no way to manage popup windows on the AOL webmail site.

Please advise as to how to restore the function and get AOL Webmail Basic autocomplete to work again.

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This should have been a temporary issue. You can try two things if this  problem still occurs: Assuming you are using AOL webmail, , Try adding a new contact to your Address Book, by clicking on Contacts(left hand pane below Recently Deleted), save it and wait to let it sync (you can delete it again). If the problem still exists after that, try "shift-click" on "Help"
(upper right corner) and then "Reset" your Address state (don't worry,
nothing will happen to your data. Then try again.  

More information to help you resolve this issue can be found here .

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://../../partners/aol/mail/help/aol_mail_faq" class="comlink"> </a>

Yes, I understand your suggestions. We have tried both suggestions, and been through the list of actions at the link at which you suggested.

None of the actions had any effect on either machine. However, on the Windows XP Pro SP@ machine the autocomplete did "spontaneously" heal itself the next day and began working again.

The Windows 98 machine has not responded to any of the proposed fixes, and has not begun working again.

I had thought that identifying the cause of the problem (using "settings > compose" to change from Rich Text / HTML formatting to Plain Text formatting and back again" might help to identify more precisely why autocomplete stops working under these circumstances, and permit a more targeted intervention to get it back to a functioning state. I've advised the user that AOL is unable to provide assistance on this issue.

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