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Not sure what your question is , however here's a link to discover aol.



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I wouldn't. I like Firefox.

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I downloaded the AOL 10 Desktop on my stepfather in law's new computer a year or so ago...and I didn't like it at all.  I took it out and put in AOL 9.1.  That's what I have.  My twin likes AOL 9.5 and my husband has AOL 9.0 Security Edition.

I just love AOL period.  Sometimes you may have to install a few times to get all the features.  Just make sure when you download it from Internet Explorer that you close all other applications.  That way they can't interfere with the download.  Be patient because AOL will update it everytime you close it out for a few days to get all your updates installed.

I've tried others but I still like the AOL layout the best.

Good Luck and enjoy!




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I had the AOL 9.6 beta...and also tried the 9.5, then found out the best one is the 9.0. But nothing beats  --- Firefox!....I can have 10 tab pages open on it, in the tab bar and can find anything in an instant....On AOL....can't find squat!....But it's OK as an extra browser and email.

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A sophisticated version of AOL's free all-in-one Internet software, AOL Desktop 10.1 organizes your online life by seamlessly bringing together email.

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