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AOL shut down Hometown and members.aol.com/rrbp - why????

I got bumped. Why did aol shut down Hometown and members.aol.com?


I was at http://members.aol.com/rrbp


Now I am at




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Like most everyone else here, I had my web site on AOL Hometown too.  Mine was on since May, 1996.  I’ve been a paying member since 1995.  When AOL went to a free service, I continued my pay-for-service plan.  I thought that, since I was receiving a derived benefit from my website being hosted on AOL, it was only fair that I should put something back into the pot. Stupid ME!!!!  Well, I did get the AOL email notifying me about the shutdown and I retrieved my files before the power went off.  But the search engine positioning & all the external links to the site are gone forever.  I'm up and running again, my new URL is http://www.typewriterdepot.com and is hosted by a more reliable company than AOL.  I will start all over again.  
My parting comments to the AOL staff that made this decision are, how dumb can you get?  Why walk away from this business when you can charge for the service?  Or sell it if you don’t want it.   Are you in some sort of self-destruct mode?  Are you actually getting paid to make these decisions?  I am sure that folks would have paid for this valuable service.  It’s no surprise to me that AOL is in the pickle it’s in these days.  THIS WAS THE DUMBEST DECISION I’VE SEEN MADE IN A LONG TIME.  I don’t know who’s steering this ship but it’s sad. 

 AOL's Hometown service is shutting down by October 31,2008 one of the truly old school web hosting sites from the early days of the Web, up there with GeoCities and Tripod, and all of the websites hosted at URLs "hometown.aol.com", "members.aol.com" and "users.aol.com", will be going the way of Xoom into the land of dead bits. Many websites originally at Hometown have long since moved to other hosts and URLs. Family Guide to the Internet: Have fun, research & learn while staying safer online (AOL)

I'm pretty late to this party, but thought I would add my sade story to the pile.

I ha aite at members.aol.com/RSLancastr, which I started in 1996.

it was nothing fancy, but I was proud of it.

When AOL sent out the otice that they were bringing the axe down o all member sites, I did not see it, having had the poor sense of timing to have had a MASSIVE stroke on August 4 2008.

When the notice went out, I was in the hospital, in an eight week long coma!

When I was disharged back home after eleven months in various hospitals, I found that all of my bakups of the site were unusable.

Having more pressing issues to deal with (like physical rehabilitation), recvering the site was "back-burnered" until just recently. I was able to recover about two-thirds of the files (HTML and graphics) used i the site using The Wayback Machine (www.archive.org). and am currently working on putting together a resurrected vrsion of the site.

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