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AOL is running slow...

I just purchased a new laptop and downloaded AOL 9.6 but it runs very slow... My Internet Explorer and computer both run fine but AOL takes forever... I have not downloaded anything else as of right now... I read when you download something with the smileys it has problems but I have not downloaded it... I am using a Sprint air card... It along with AOL worked fine on my old laptop... What can I do??? Im willing to try anything...

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Try fixing this problem by:

-- cleaning system junk
-- optimizing computer services
-- optimizing internet
-- repairing registry
-- defraging registry
-- clearing browsers junk

do these things with some secure tool such as PC Fresher.


Hope it would help you. Thanks

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Yes, it could be the advertising. Or anything else that uses up CPU time.

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http://help.aol.com/help/microsites/microsite.do?cmd=displayKCPopup&docType=kc&externalId=223798 ---------- This is the AOL web site for AOL 9.7 You can Save if you want and create your own CD if needed later. If you save it goes to documents - left column = downloads for Windows 7

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