How do I stop auto add of contacts. I have AOL free mail and can't find what version that is. How do I receive/find answer to this question?

How do I stop auto add of contacts.  I have AOL free mail and can't find what version that is. How do I receive/find answer to this question?

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I assume you are using AOL Webmail and not the AOL Desktop software (9.0) - so don't worry about version numbers here. 

So when you go to "Settings" in AOL Webmail ( click on "Compose" on the left side of the settings page. It's the 3rd option under "General" and "Accounts", right below the big "Back to Mail" button (do NOT click on the "Compose" button in the upper left corner above the "Back to Mail" button, since this will just open a new mail window). Then you will see the section called "Sending" and uncheck the option there as described in my original answer

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Go to AOL Webmail (, click on "Settings" (the link next to the link "Help" in the upper right corner). Then click on the "Compose" Tab on the left side. There look at the section labeled "Sending". Uncheck the option "Automatically add email addresses to Contacts"

clicking on settings then "compose" only brings up a fresh sheet for e-mail.  I'm told auto add can't be changed on version 9 or older.  How do I know which version I have?  I'm using AOL Free e-mail.

Many thanks Marcel - without your directions I never would have found out how.  Your msg was clear - and quick - I certainly appreciate the help!

AOLMailMarcel gave me the answer with clear directions how to go about it.  I sent a thank you reply.  Marcel was a great help and is a very big asset to Yedda.  Thanks for your follow up.  Gil McDonald

my box is not checked however I still get random email addys saved in my contact list.

It didn't help me much. That is for saving contacts in composing mail, not for incoming mail.

The answer didn't help me at all NOR has AOL as many times as I've asked them.  When I open and READ an email, the sender's email address automatically gets added to my Contacts.  I don't even have to respond to the email for it get added.  So periodically I have to go into my Contacts and pick and choose out those random adds and delete.  Pain in the *%^&.  Guess that's what you get for "free" email?

How can I stop the auto added email to my contact

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