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What's going on with AOL email? Yesterday it ...

What's going on with AOL email? Yesterday it wouldn't even allow me to sign in and this morning it won't allow me to send emails.  Is AOL working on this problem????

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What are you seeing when youtry to sign-in or send mail?  Is it giving you an error code or error message? 

This is what comes up when I hit the send button

The message was not sent because of an error

The message cannot be sent.

If this problem continues, please see our technical support information.

Are you using AOL desktop software or using AOL Webmail at webmail.aol.com?

i have been trying to access AOL webmail since 7:30 am EDST.  the connection just times out--it never connects.  the same is true for AIM.  i am having no problem with any other website. 

yesterday, i was getting the crazy "unable to send message.  please contact technical support" message every time i tried to send an email from the web-based email.  of course, there is no way to contact tech support unless you have a paid account.

is AOL just completely falling apart?  do i need to move my account to gmail or yahoo after 15 years with AOL?

I haven't been able to connect, for the most part, to my AIM mail account for 2 days either...  They must be doing a major overhaul and not telling us or ???  I was able to connect yesterday for a few minutes but that was it.  Still can't get in this morning.

I've tried http://mail.aim.com and http://webmail.aol.com neither of which work and both give me the message

Failure To Connect To Web Server

Failure To Connect To Web Server

I'm currently using the web based email, but yesterday I actually downloaded AOL 9.1 and still had the same problems being able to simply connect, sign in, or read/send email.  I uninstalled that this morning.  Same problem Kurtzu2 is having and I'm just about as fed up after many, many years with AOL!!

I have been having the same issue with webmail with the same error message for the past two days.  I can't send outgoing e-mails to non-AOL e-mail addresses.  However, I can receive them.  What is going on? 

Am I the only one haveing this webmail.aol.com issue?  I am getting the "The message was not sent because of an error" error on and off since this morning - 7/22/2008

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