Someone has hacked your aol account. At the least change your aol password. If you are also on face book, change that too to something different. 

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Hai Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

I did change my password, 2 days ago, yesterday my "sent" file sent 30 emails to random people.  This isn't working at all


I have this same problem and changed my password on my two accounts; However I'm now having problems accessing my saved mail folders including "Old Mail" and "Sent Mail". I've gotten the following multiple times....

"We encountered a technical issue.
Please try again."



maybe I should use my gmail account?  AOL, are you getting the message?!!!!

mary gresh

I agree fully.  When is aol going to correct this problem.  My friends and business contacts are getting porn e-mail from my account.  I also changed all my passwords and they are still coming, even to me!!!   Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

ldq1997 Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I have the same problem and all AOL can suggest is to change my password which I have done several times.   Do other internet email carriers have the same problem or are they more security oriented.  AOL doesnn't seem to care,


I just lost all my mail on my screen name i have had for 17 years. I have had NO problems until now.  Oct 31 my contacts got an e-mail asking for money said I was in London.  I got on to check and did not see anything in my sent mail.  Got back on in less then 2 min and ALL my mail was gone all sent, recieved, old, saved, ALL contacts gone it was like someone had deleted everything.  People told me when they tried sending me mail they got a message that I was not recieving mail right now try again later.

I deleted the account and was going to reopen it in a few weeks but It is gone.  I have ran virus scan and nothing comes up on my computer.  Changed all my pass words. 

Do smart phones get viruses? Could it be on my phone?

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