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Is anyonoe else having problems opening AOL e-mail ...

Is anyonoe else having problems opening AOL e-mail today?  It was Loading for a while and then I received a technical issue error message.  Any ideas? Maladaya@aol.com. 

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yes,, all of mine open for two seconds and then close to a powered by bing box

not been able to get in for days, it keeps telling me to alter my browser settings which i did but it didn't help. Seems I will have to lose my email address at this rate :(

Same for me! They suck!


I am having the same issue.  I am unable to load my AOL email from my iPhone, my Mac and my PC.  It will not load either from my Mac Mail program or directly through AOL.  Obviously this is not a browser issue which is what all of AOL solutions focus on.  I usually don't have issues with my AOL email.

I've had my email account for years, and have never had problems loading mail until today. I have not touched the browser settings on my computer, nor have I installed any new firewall software. Aol mail still comes through fine on my mobile device, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this problem rectifies itself soon...

Yes - having problem accessing the inbox. Unless you're a paying AOL customer - you can't get live support.

I have not been able to access my email for two hours!!! I have never had a problem with them before. All my work email is attached to aol, and they are telling me cause I am not paying that they can not help me access my emails.

Same problem here. Had this account for years and years and have not had this problem before. I would really appreciate some answers or comments form aol. I can be e-mail at Thomaswilliams920@gmail.com This service works very well.

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