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Why is my mail being automatically deleted? I have ...

Why is my mail being automatically deleted? I have emails that I read and kept "as new" and when I went back to read them they are gone? What's going on?

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What account is having the problem?  Are they found in your Trash folder?

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When messages are missing = POP issue Are you missing messages when you sign into your account at mail.aol.com ? Check the POP settings in whatever other program you use to check your AOL Mail (Outlook, Mac Mail, Entourage, etc.; and mail on your mobile). In that program's POP settings, make ...

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Please check your Recovered Mail folder.

How do i delet history

Get CCleaner, a free download, and let it take care of this for you. You do mean delete, don't you?

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My particular problem is using Live Mail and trying to delete and/or empty trash bin for my aol account. I have to delete mail permanently only from my.aol.com There are times when I delete ALL in the recently deleted mail and I then get 2 sets of each, do it again and I get 3 sets of each. I ...